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Charnstrom is a manufacturer and supplier of mail carts, mail sorters, canvas bags, commercial mailboxes, and plastic totes. We also carry residential mailboxes for business or consumer use.

Charnstrom has been supplying mailroom furniture and equipment to a variety of businesses, organizations and government agencies has been the sole business of the W. A. Charnstrom Company since 1959 when Wendell A. Charnstrom founded it.

Prior to starting the Charnstrom Company, Wendell Charnstrom was a salesman for Pitney-Bowes and saw that his customers had a need for mailroom furniture and equipment to help them more efficiently sort and deliver their mail. As a result, Charnstrom developed a product line of four mail carts and two mailbag holders and began selling them via a four-page direct mail catalog.

In August 1964, the company was sold to Charles E. Johnson, former general manager for the Kol Company, a metal fabricator that had done business with Charnstrom. Since the Charnstrom name was already established and well recognized in the mailroom industry, Charlie decided to continue selling the products under the Charnstrom name.

Greg Hedlund, past president of W. A. Charnstrom, joined the company in 1978, bringing with him visions for growth through new product development and marketing strategies. Together with its dedicated employees, the W. A. Charnstrom Company expanded its market to office organizers and packaging systems. 

In 2018, John Herntier, a long time employee and officer of the company, took over the reins of the company as President. John’s plan is to grow the Company organically with the introduction of new products and new markets.  He is committed to the continuance of Charnstrom’s well-known quality, operational excellence, and responsive and friendly customer service.  “We have a seasoned team of sales and service-oriented people who take pride in their jobs and satisfying each and every customer.” Today the product line consists of more than 800 products including mail carts, mail sorters, several styles of mailroom tables, and mailbags.

The W. A. Charnstrom Company started out of a 2,000 square foot facility in downtown Minneapolis. Currently, the company is located in Shakopee in its own 17,000 square foot facility.

We are your manufacturer and supplier of all the products you need to organize your mailroom and office. Mail carts for distributing and sorting, mail sorters for processing and organizing office mail, locking commercial mailboxes for the security of private mail, canvas mailbags for bulk mail and shipping and residential mailboxes for curbside delivery. Our canvas mailbags (with or without locks) come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. We also carry mail totes in different colors, similar to plastic totes from the post office for mail collection.

Charnstrom has 50 styles of mail carts and wire carts, (with or without locking tops) 100s of modular mail sorters in many different sizes, and canvas bags ready to ship in 48 hours. We also have a complete line of commercial mailboxes for indoor or outdoor use, in steel or aluminum all with security locking doors. These commercial mailboxes can be fitted into walls or stand-alone. Our residential mailboxes come in different styles and designs and can have locks for the security of mail. 

In addition to being the leader in the industry for providing innovative mailroom solutions, the W. A. Charnstrom Company is well known for its outstanding customer service thanks to its dedicated employees.



Charnstrom is a small business that is doing its part in keeping the environment clean and being responsible for the earth.

90% of Charnstrom products are made of steel, one of the easiest materials to recycle. When products are made, a computer now calculates the most efficient use of a sheet of steel so there is very little waste and the small amount of scrap is always recycled. Every carton that our product is shipped in can be recycled.

We work closely with our printers and mail list suppliers to make every printing and mailing as efficient as possible. We have trimmed our catalog size to save paper and worked with list brokers to make the best effort to mail our catalog to only companies that have a need for our products. The largest factor in minimizing our total catalog printing has been our web site, which can search our product line and process orders. We are now mailing half the catalogs that we did five years ago and we see this trend continuing.

The entire staff at Charnstrom is proud to have implemented their own recycling ideas by turning down the heat at night, using flatware, glass bowls, and plates and by doing the dishes each night. We also use both sides of a sheet of paper whenever possible, and divide our trash into recycled and non-recycled items. We even save our coffee grounds and organic material for people to use in their gardens and composts at home. These efforts may seem small, but we feel that by focusing on what an individual can do at work and home to reduce their environmental footprint will ultimately save our planet.

Charnstrom employees are always looking for processes and procedures to help the environment. Please email us with any of your suggestions.

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