Carrying and transporting mail with you can be a big responsibility since there are essential documents and fragile items that should be moved carefully. It can be a challenging work of making sure there is no damage in the mail you are transporting.


This is where mailbags, with its efficient and practical design, comes in.  It’s the ideal solution for transporting and organizing mail with the convenience of carrying them too! You won’t have to worry much about damaging the mail when you’re transporting them because a mail bag provides safety and security.


Why do you need mail bags?


1.      A bag specially made for mail.

There are different kinds of mail bags, and some are specifically designed for different types of mails and parcels. There are mail bags designed for documents and letters, so you wouldn’t have to worry about stacking up the bags with some mail documents because they wouldn’t get folded or damaged. There are mail bags that are also made for parcels and mail documents, so you get more space for parcels and still have room for those documents. It’s big, compact and easy to organize.


2.      Carrying with convenience.

SomemMailbags are designed to help you carry mails without a hassle. It can be tiresome to carry a backpack where you have to remove the straps every time you’ll get a mail out. Mailbags are designed to be carried easily, and the convenience of easily unzipping the bag to get the mail is fantastic. It’s designed as a hand carry bag that with a flat bottom end so it can stand upright when you put it on the ground or a flat surface.


3.      Organized and time efficient.

When you distribute some mail, it would be easier to get one from an organized pile. It makes you less pressured, looking at cluttered mail when you open your bag. Mail bags can help you get things organized, and that surely can save you a reasonable amount of time.


4.      Safe and secure.

The mailbags are designed to allow you to secure it with some lock or even a plastic tie wrap when you don’t have any locks available. The assurance of security mailbags can ease the significant responsibility you are carrying. You wouldn’t have to worry about your mail being stolen or getting lost. It’s safe and secure for transport.


5.      Saving the environment with its reusable feature.

When the mail bags are wet or dirty, you can easily have them washed like a regular bag without having to throw them and buy another. There are also some mail bag pouches that you can use to secure your mail when you are shipping them. It’s economical and can be reused even for the hundredth time. Saves you the money while you’re saving the environment too!


6.      Too much mail? Not a worry.

There are mail bags that are made specifically for heavy duty workload. You wouldn’t need to worry about you drowning in the mail because these the mailbags are built to handle hundreds of pieces of mail. There are types of mailbags that cater to the high volume you are stacking. These are the types that come with a stationary mail bag holder or a mailbag rack that can help you easily organize your mails and parcels. It’s basically built for your heavy duty needs.


Different types of Mail Bags available


1.     Bulk or Heavy Duty Mailbags

Having high volume mails coming in your way? Are there bulky parcels that can be hard to carry and fit in a secure bag? The bulk or heavy duty mailbags are designed for this demand. It is the ideal solution for handling a lot of mail and bulky parcels, supplies, books, and more. Designed as a handbag or a tote bag to let you easily carry it, gusseted end panels that can expand to hold more parcels in it.


2.      Canvas Mail Bags

Mail bags made from top quality canvas material for easy to carry feature. It’s light, compact, and easy for handling. Convenient canvas mail bags are the sure choice for bulky mails or toting packages. Small sizes of secure courier pouches and extra-large bags are also available in canvas materials.


3.      Plastic Mail Bags

The secure feeling of water resistant bags are a game changer. When you have some documents that you’d like to protect or some contents you want to easily organize and identify, see-through plastic mail pouches are the sure choice.


4.      Round Trip Mailers

It’s an economical solution. These mail pouches are made for sending some documents back and forth to offices, branches, departments, and other locations. It’s secure and compact to use. It’s also a full lid zipper so the contents can be easily removed.


5.      Mailbag Racks

The mailbag racks are build and designed for some heavy duty mail. These products are a great addition to your mail room supplies and can easily help you store your mail and parcels securely and safely. It helps you keep things clean and organized in the room.


6.      Security Bank Bags

Security bank bags are manufactured to store your mail or documents safely. It protects it from getting any damage or getting it tampered with. Trusting your documents and mail with the security bank bag will never be a bad idea.


7.      Custom Mail Bags

If there are some sizes you would like to get, or there are some design features you want to add like adding a handle, changing the zipper, or putting a lock to the bag, Charnstrom can offer the freedom of customizing your design too. In addition to this, you can also have your logo or name printed or embroidered in the mailbag for added personal customization.



There are 7 types of mailbags mentioned, and having those big set of options can confuse you. Narrowing done the recommended items that perfectly match your need, whether it’s for personal handling or your mail room supplies, this list will highlight the suggested items you shouldn’t miss.



Recommended Mail Bags from Charnstrom


The volume of mail received varies from person to person. So different types of mail bags are explicitly designed to cater to your needs. Each mailbag offers the perfect amount of convenience, security, and quality that will make the job easier for you.


·         Mail Pouches for round trip mail

The smallest mail bag you need is the mail pouch. It’s made for economical use that lets you reuse the mail pouch a hundred times or more! It helps you save your money and save the environment too. Mail pouches are an ideal solution for mail that comes in round trips, like sending some documents back and forth between branches, offices, buildings, and more.



-          It’s made of 210 denier nylon oxford fabric coated to be water resistant.

-          Comes in with 3 different sizes from fitting in computer disks to presentation boards.

-          Color-coded mails? Mail pouches have 7 different colors to choose from. The colors available are grey, tan, blue, black, red, green, and yellow. 

-          Pressure fitted double eyelet for extra strength and durability.

-          Zipper is #5 chain with a single steel slide.

-          The address pocket with postal cutout on the round trip mailer is 0.020 clear vinyl sewn to mailbag in 3 sides, and it is also double stitched on open top for extra durability and security. It makes inserting the card quickly and easily.


Bonus features:

-          You can have your personal or business logos and names printed or embroidered in the mail pouches, which gives a unique customize feature in your mail pouches.

-          Custom sizes and colors are possible.  


·         Plastic Clear View Pouches

These can be a game changer when you are saving time. You can easily see the contents inside the pouch as it is see-through. It’s designed to transport vouchers, non-cash items, canceled vouchers, or other types of documents you wouldn’t mind others to see. In addition to this, the plastic clear view mail pouch is designed fashionably with a multi-purpose feature for you to be able to carry your mail and some personal things inside too.



-          Clear view pouch is made out of durable clear vinyl, so it is water resistant.

-          The plastic mail pouch can easily be wiped clean.

-          There is a framed address identification window to see the details quickly.

-          Zippered top lid provides full access to the contents inside the pouch.


·         Heavy-Duty Security Bank Bags

If you are handling some high volume mails or bulky parcels, items, supplies, books, and more, the Heavy-Duty Security Bank Bag is the most recommended. It’s the perfect bag for those oversized mails. It’s usually used in mail rooms, mail centers, warehouses, and offices. The bag is securely closed with a zipper that can be locked with a metal padlock or even a plastic cable tie.



-          Has gusseted end panels that can expand to cater more parcels.

-          Made from top quality vinyl mailbag with double stitched seams to add long-lasting durability.

-          Has a top zipper closure for easier access.

-          The Heavy-Duty Security Bank Bag is resistant to dirt, grease, and moisture.

-          Plastic window with cut-out that allows you to use an address card for the courier to see easily. It’s clearly visible and can help you save some time, not needing to go through what’s inside to identify the contents.

-          Has a metal security loop at the end of the zipper. This feature allows you to add a padlock or a plastic cable tie to increase the safety of your bag.


·         Canvas Mail Bags

Mailroom offices, warehouse supplies, and some businesses receive a lot of mail every day, and the canvas mail bags are designed to secure those stacks and piles of mail in your office. It has a rope with a lockable metal cinch. It’s the right fit for those bulk mails and can quickly help you breeze through the sorting.



-          It’s made a durable canvas material that uses the #8 natural cotton duck fabric.

-          The seams are double sewn, where it’s essential and uses a non-wicking thread.

-          The canvas mail bag is machine finished with pressure fitted #4 brass-finished grommets and a #6 braided nylon cord. 



·         Mail Bag Rack

Storing and sorting your mail can be challenging and time-consuming, but when you have a mailbag rack, you can neatly organize your mail in one area of your office. With the help of the stationary mailbag rack, it can let you have the choice of holding up to two mailbags with a quick-release hook that can help you quickly get the bags when you have to. You can have your canvas mailbags attached to this stationary mailbag rack. It’s made of a top-quality frame from zinc-plated material, a heavy-gauge steel tubing to withstand heavy-duty use.

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