According to statistics sourced from an article online, the number of respondents who reported a package theft rose from 36% in 2019 to an outrageous 43% in 2020. It is important to note that approximately two-thirds( 64%) of respondents claimed that they have been victims of package theft more than once. It is frightening that an estimated 24 million Americans have had bad experiences of package theft from either their front porch or the mailbox. It is obvious that securing your packages and properties from theft is a non-negotiable aspect for safety.

Are you interested in knowing how to keep your package safe from theft? Continue reading as reasons for securing your packages from theft, the importance of package security, and how it can be protected and secured will be expounded in subsequent paragraphs.

Why do people steal?

Having a good reason for stealing does not in any way validate a crime like theft. Package theft has risen tremendously over the years, package thieves get craftier by the day. Although the act of stealing is not justifiable, people steal packages for the following reason:

  1. ·         People steal to resell packages delivered. When a package gets stolen, there’s a high tendency for it to get sold off by the thief at probably a price lower than you got it. The money is of more value to them than the goods that were stolen.
  2. ·         Some for merely the fun associated with stealing. The adrenaline rush, the taste of danger stealing births is enough reason to commit a crime. Some happen due to peer pressure, they get influenced by friends into the bad habit of stealing people’s packages.
  3. ·         Package stealing is an easy crime to commit. Unlike robbing a Bank or a supermarket, package stealing does not require much manpower before it can be perpetuated. It is as simple as walking over to someone else’s mailbox to retrieve a letter.
  4. ·         The content of the package might be of great value. The package thief may be aware of the value attached to a package and then desire to have it for personal use or put it up for sale. The profits made from such sales are usually huge.
  5. ·         Greed. Some are simply not satisfied with their own property, they must have that of others. Greedy people have little or no regard for the feelings of those they are robbing of their precious possession.

Without securing packages or properties, is it safe from theft?

Your package is not safe from theft when it is not adequately secured with the necessary tool needed for maximum security. As Jodi Rell, the 87th Governor of Connecticut, rightly posited that “at the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” Making sure your packages and properties are properly secured is a goal worth pursuing. When you do not secure your packages, you make them prone to attack from package thieves. There’s also a probability of them getting damaged during delivery processes.

Who needs to secure packages and properties?

  • v  Businesses: Business owners need to secure their business documents such as business plans, contracts, and other valuables necessary for the smooth running of their business.
  • v  Schools: schools also need tools that will secure their various files from being stolen or damaged. Student's transcripts, staff and student information, school fees records, and other important documents need to be kept in a safe lock.
  • v  Offices: offices need an office or interoffice mailboxes to help restrict the access of unauthorized users to the company mails.
  • v  Non-governmental organizations are also in need of security package tools as it gives them the privacy needed by every non-governmental organization.
  • v  Government agencies: the government and its agencies need to properly secure files and documents from being hijacked by the public. They are saddled with the responsibility of being the keepers of their citizenry, including their information.
  • v  Suppliers and consumers. Private individuals also need to secure packages delivered to them so they do not get stolen by package thieves.

How to secure your packages from theft

You will find listed below some possible ways you can secure your packages from theft. They are:

§  Installation of security cameras around your house. The security cameras should be placed in places where the movement of people around the house can be easily captured. You can install one close to the front door- statistics reveal that 34% of burglars use the front door, the garage, and driveway, side door, etc.

§  Be vigilant and sensitive to things happening around you. Do not hesitate to report a strange face you see loitering around your neighborhood. They may be there to steal.

§  Inform neighbors when you are expecting an order. They can help report any new face they see gallivanting around your property.

§  Order from sites that have reliable delivery services. Do not order from sites that deliver very cheap services, most times, what you order for is not what you eventually get.

§  Most importantly, you can avoid potential package thefts by ordering products from Charnstrom.  Charnstrom has the highest quality package security tools available.

Importance of securing packages and properties from theft

Securing your properties from theft is of utmost importance. Apart from it creating a lasting first impression, it also ensures that the packages do not get damaged on transit. Package security is tamper-resistant, which makes it impossible for a third party to have access to goods meant for you. Aside from the supplier, no other person will be privy to the content of your package. With package security, your privacy is guaranteed. Also, securing packages and properties lead to ease in storage. When contents are properly secured, it makes it easy for them to be located. When a product is efficiently secured with a lock box, stealing its content will be impossible. It makes it possible and easy for you to gain access to what you paid for when you need it.

Tools used in securing packages sold by Charnstrom

Wendell .A. Charnstrom founded Charnstrom company out of the intense desire to see products ordered by customers efficiently sorted out and delivered promptly. We are your manufacturer and supplier of all products needed for the proper arrangement of your mail room and office. We supply mail carts for distributing and sorting of mails, mail sorters for processing and organizing office mails, locking commercial mailboxes for the guaranteed security of private mails, canvas mailbags for bulk mails, and shipping and residential mailboxes for curbside delivery. Tools that prevent package theft available for ordering from us include:

Our drop boxes are USPS- approved with full accessories. We have outdoor mailboxes, commercial mailboxes, free-standing mailboxes, private mailboxes, and residential mailboxes.  We also have an array of commercial mailboxes for indoor and outdoor use. Replacement of mailboxes is possible when necessary information needed for its replacement is provided.

Our other package security  products include: carts, cellphone cabinets, computer cabinets, mailbags, mail sorters, mailboxes, protection screens, tables and cabinets, totes, tubs, trays and racks, wooden sorters, and tables, and a host of others that can be found on the Charnstrom website.

Drop boxes: the perfect tools for package theft prevention

Are you curious to know how you can avoid package theft? Investing in drop boxes is the best and most reliable option available. According to the Cambridge dictionary, a dropbox is a container where you can safely leave something to be picked up later, for example, a package. A proven way to help prevent package theft and/ damage from fire is to use a secure lock box. Dropbox's comes in various forms, they include:

  1. ·         Safe/lock boxes: safe boxes are used to keep important documents and valuables. They can be used by people who are not technologically inclined- those not used to storing things in a digital environment. They are a good place for storing your hard-to-replace documents such as business papers, personal documents like driver’s license, international passport and birth certificate, contract documents, military records and discharge papers, school transcript, etc.
  2. ·         Locking cabinets: It is a cabinet designed specifically to prevent random, illegal access to valuables kept in it. All locking cabinets have a standard key-operated lock that ensures data integrity while simultaneously allowing for access to data by an authorized user. They are used to keep volumes of paperwork and other valuables. The cabinet helps in safeguarding these valuables from theft, loss, or damage.
  3. ·         Mail collection boxes: It was introduced in the 1850s, mail collection boxes are designed to collect mail from people, it is used for receiving mails by private individuals and even businesses. Here, mails are dropped through an opening into a box on the floor. In most USPS mailboxes, immediately your mail is secured, the incoming mail is protected from theft.
  4. ·         Office/ interoffice mailboxes: Interoffice mailboxes function as mail collection boxes for all outward-bound office mail. It helps in truncating the access of unauthorized users to company mails and perhaps, a posting machine. Interoffice mailbox is designed to keep confidential and private all interoffice correspondence. It is a very valuable security tool.
  5. ·         Payment cabinets: They help in providing security to payments made. No one except the owners can have easy access to payment cabinets.
  6. ·         Wall mount mailboxes: A well-mounted wall mount mailbox is usually installed outside, not too far from your door which makes it visible to visitors such as the postal carrier. A wall mount mailbox helps in the prevention of mail theft as it is strategically positioned in a way that it can be viewed from inside the house. An intruder, also called package thieves can be easily spotted. A locking wall mount mailbox allows the postal carrier to put in your mail to a locked part of the mailbox. This makes it possible for only the owner or resident of a building to gain access to its content.

Why should you buy package protection items from Charnstrom?

While it is necessary for you to secure your packages and properties from theft by buying package security tools, it is also important to note that buying durable and efficient tools is necessary for maximum package and property security. Are you confused about where to order the best package security tools from? Worry no further, Charnstrom is your best option.

With Charnstrom, you get more than the value of money paid for a purchase. We are known to supply sturdy and reliable security and protection tools. We offer confidence, the safety of packages, and peace of mind to customers. Charnstrom boasts of having the highest quality products for your office, warehouse, and mailrooms. Mailboxes, shipping stations, carts, bags, and more are available upon request. It is worthy to note that the most efficient delivery service is offered by Charnstrom, you’ll certainly get your tools delivered to you in good condition after payment confirmation.

In addition, we have the most superb customer service. Charnstrom company is well known for its outstanding customer service, this is as a result of the company’s dedicated efforts of its employees.

What should I do when my package gets stolen?

  1. The following measures can be put in place when a package theft occurs, they are listed in no particular order:
  2.          You should check existing security camera footage attached to your house for clues if your package got stolen from your doorstep. You should try installing one if you do not have one already as it helps greatly in nabbing the culprit.
  3.          It is possible to file a claim if your package got delivered by postal carriers such as USPS and UPS.
  4.          Reach out to the seller immediately a theft is noticed, you could get a replacement or a refund.
  5.          You should visit a police station to report your stolen package. It will serve as an aid if you decide to file an insurance claim.

·         Visit Charnstrom for recommendations on how to prevent a future theft package occurrence. Rest assured that you will be attended to by experts in the field of package security.

How do I order Drop boxes and other tools from Charnstrom?

You can place an order for any security package tool of your choice here.

After making your choice, you can then proceed to make a payment for goods added to your cart. Charnstrom accepts most major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Upon payment approval, Net 30 day billing terms will be made available.

Note that Charnstrom charges your credit card on the day your order is shipped. With us, easy and efficient order placement is certain as our website has been designed to ensure that seamless transactions can be carried out by customers.

What should I know about the delivery processes?

 It should be noted that all in-stock orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Charnstrom utilizes Fed Ex ground, UPS, USPS mail service, and various LTL carriers on a pre-paid and add basis.

All orders are shipped FOB origin.

With Charnstrom, the most efficient and seamless way your order shipment will be carried out, or a carrier of your choice may be selected on a third party or freight collect basis.

It can be deduced from the paragraphs above that it is very important to always secure packages and properties from theft. To avoid a reoccurrence of package theft it is pertinent that tools including drop boxes be bought so that your package will be properly secured from package thieves. Hurry, place your order now!

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