Custom Plastic Totes & Boxes

Now we can customize the size, shape and color of your plastic totes and boxes. These totes and boxes are environmentally friendly, manufactured from reusable corrugated plastic that can be recycled for use again and again. They should never go into a land fill. 

Corrugated plastic is superior to cardboard in that it will not degrade in water, snow or any moisture. The strength and flexibility allows for multiple trips which drive down the cost when compared to paper cardboard. Corrugated plastic can always be reground and recycled.

When the main warehouse is filling orders for their satellite stores plastic boxes can be reused for 100's of trips, compared to old cardboard boxes that are used once and thrown into a landfill. 

Corporations, schools and government facilities can have them stenciled in their colors, logos or lettered for a particular purpose.

Call our customer service department for a quote or help with your custom plastic totes, boxes and packaging design.

If you don't see the exact totes you want, 
we probably can design it for you.

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