When making and designing a mail center, efficiency is key.  Use these 6 tips to increase productivity and revenue. 

1:  Configuration:

        An L-Shaped or a U-Shaped Sorting configuration keeps mail slots closer to you and requires less time to sort mail. The idea is to take fewer steps and reduce motion to gain efficiency.

2: Keep Everything Up and Organized:

        Wall mount sorters keep the entire work surface clear for small machine operations, scales, or other processes. It allows access to outlets and makes for a cleaner, more open esthetic look to the room.

3: Use Every Space of the Work Table, Even Underneath It:

         Closed lockable lower compartments lock valuables and hide the clutter, yet keep working materials near their point of use. Adjustable legs allow for different heights and open toe spaces at the bottom of each table.

4: Have a Central Operators Table:

        Center island tables on casters allow operators to work where they need to get the day's tasks completed.

5:  Make Sure Your Mail Center is Customizable

        Adjustable shelves are critical in an active mail center. Volumes of mail and mail drop configurations can change daily.  All of Charnstroms steel sorters have adjustable shelving so that you can make each cubby as large or as small as needed.  Also, if you need to move around papers that are in the sorters, or constantly seem to be customizing them, then velcro shelf labels are a must!  The velcro labels allow you to move around different labels to different spots without completely refiguring your design.

6:  Extra Space is Like Extra Money

The use of risers:

Space in the mail center around and under sorters gives you full use of the work surface and can be used for clearance to outlets and other power sources and devices along the wall. It's essential to have the right number of sorting pockets, but workers have to be able to handle and sort mail as well.  Where do we place mail and totes while we're sorting the mail?  Space is always a premium, so we have to be smart about using what area we're allotted.  Our space planners' often are tasked with the need to keep counters open.


Closed risers are attractive and give you an enclosure to contain mail.  However, when the access of the wall is necessary, adjustable leg open risers allow just the right clearance for outlets, thermostats, etc.  We offer a high standard of flexibility and selection unmatched in our industry.

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