Close-Out! Private Use 12 Door (11 Useable Doors) Front Loading Mailbox Cluster with Outer Cabinet Complete! FREE SHIPPING!

Important Note: Used Condition, minor scratches on unit. FREE SHIPPING. Hurry only 1 left!
On front-loading mailboxes (shown above) you will lose one usable tenant door to a Master door. Master door will open entire front of cluster for loading the mailboxes.

A cluster of 12 - 6"W x 5"H mailbox doors (11 tenant doors and one master door for loading).
Each door includes a 5 pin cam lock with two keys.
These mailboxes are for private use.
Each mailbox door is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum for years of service.
• Plastic identification name slots.

Note:  This is a private use box.

12 - 6"W x 5"H Doors: 11 usable tenant doors and 1 master door for loading
Overall with Outer Cabinet: 24"W x 26"H
Overall depth: 17-3/4"D
Compartment Depth: 16-3/4"D
Door Size: 6"W x 5"H

Color: Light grey cabinet with aluminum doors
* Close out special - No returns

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Close -Out!! 12 Door (11 Useable Doors) Front Loading Mailbox in Wood Case, Complete! FREE SHIPPING!

  • Part#: SF955
  • $384.00

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