Why You Need Paper Sorters and How to Organize Using Them


Who would have thought something simple could be an amazing and useful product for getting things organized? Paper sorters are something you can use every day that will surely help you save some time locating where you placed your files, or even save you from the headache of trying to remember where you placed documents and which stack of papers they are in. Paper sorters are efficient and functional.


Paper sorters can be placed everywhere. You can have them in your home or your office.

Here are a few things to help you realize how useful paper sorters are:


Getting Rid of the Paper Clutter


When you're drowning in paperwork, or you have a lot of files lying around the room, it sure can get messy, and there can be a significant chance of losing some files and finding them only when you don't need them anymore. That's a headache you're sure to get when you have files everywhere, and you're unorganized. Paper sorters are a tremendous help to get things organized, and you can put them in your work office, home office, or study table.

Staying in an organized and clean space.


You are increasing your productivity by being in a clean and organized workspace. Adding a paper sorter on your office desk along with your other desk accessories can make it look stylish yet still be functional. If you have a lot of office supplies or if you have a small desk, you can actually get a wall mounted mail sorter or paper sorter. Imagine a pile of files organized in a sorter, and instead of having a stack of documents in your desk, you could put in a frame or a small plant instead. This will help you create a workspace that's efficient and clean.



·         Keeping the Drawers Tidy


You might have a clean desk, but once you get the drawers opened, the papers are all messy. Paper sorters can also be a drawer organizer; from there, you can draw out files and locate the ones you need fast and easy. That's efficient when you have so many files, and you don't have the time to go through each one. Arrange them properly with the help of drawer organizers.



·         Time Management


When you don’t have a lot of time in your hands to go through all the papers in your desk, you can use a paper sorter and an hour of work for searching the right file will take you less than a minute to find, efficient working will result in faster performance and productivity for you.


·         Good investment


Why is it called a good investment? Because when the workplace is messy, and there are a lot of employees walking around looking for files, it can be chaotic, and that might create problems. It's never productive to be in a work environment that is chaotic and stressful.  Paper sorters help eliminate the chaos and stress.


·         Paper Sorters Can Save You Money


If used for a personal purpose, imagine storing your warranty documents and having the appliance you just bought break. You can pull out the warranty document you stored and use it. In this case, the paper sorter just helped you save from repairs and from actually buying another appliance.

Another situation that lets the paper sorter save the day is storing some financial receipts. What if one payment you made months ago was missed out by a company, and they ask you to pay the penalty for late payment? Just go through your papers and pull out a documented file with the proof of the payment you made. That's life made easy, and this is why paper sorters can be a good investment that some people can take for granted.


Three types of paper sorters:

1.     Wall Mounted Mail Sorter

These are the ones you stick in your wall at the office or at home for work or school-related purposes. It's like getting a book on a shelf that helps you go through your paper without opening up a drawer or going to your desk.


2.     Desk Organizer

Usual paper sorters are found on top of the desk. This is very useful if you have a lot of work to go through and you have to get the papers right beside you. It can be used for most secretaries or jobs that need data entries. Desk organizers can help you breeze through transitioning from one document to another.



3.      Drawer Organizer

When you have confidential information in your documents or if you simply want to keep your files private, you can keep it in the drawer but still have them organized with the help of drawer organizers. They can help you sort out files by date, month, alphabetically, or any other category. Drawer organizers are usually used for private purposes like patients, clients, customer data, and other confidential documents.


You have a paper sorter, but you don't know how to sort out all of your files?

Sorting can be a tricky process because there are just too many methods in sorting them, and you also have to carefully plan out which type of sorting method is for your work.


Here are some tips that you can use to help you sort out your papers and files:


1.   Review the nature of your business or work.

If you're working for a clinic, you need to get things sorted by alphabetically so you can pull out a patient's file when they come by, and it will be easier to locate when you ask for their last name. If you're in sales, you probably have the papers organized by date or by the level of the enterprise, like if it's a sale for a corporation, small business, or individual. Reviewing the nature of the business you are in will help you get the right category that you will need.


Here are some categories that are usually used for work-related purposes:

·         Alphabetical

·         By month

·         By year

·         Levels or Stages


Here are some categories that are usually used for personal purposes:

·         Insurance

·         Licenses

·         Mortgages

·         Bank Statements

·         Taxes

·         Warranties

2.      Execute the right arrangement.

When you have figured out the category that you think would best suit you or the business, it’s time to get things organized. Use the paper sorter and the groups you just imagined and made for your documents. Start organizing and arranging your files while trying to familiarize yourself, so when the time comes, you can map out where that category is.


3.      Create labels.

If you have a lot of files and categories, you can't rely on your memory to remember all of those. Get them organized, sorted then labeled. Create a label that's short and visible to read with one glance. Don't make labels that need you to squint your eyes to see (that does not save you time). Create labels with a text in a large and visible font size, have them in one to three words. You can also have them labeled by colors to make it faster for you to identify or maybe just something that will help you remember what category those files are.


4.      Clean out the junk.

Sorting out your files will lead you to find papers that you've stored for the last five years that are of no use anymore. You'll probably find old receipts, expired warranties, drafted letters, or different kinds of documents that belong in the trash. When you're sorting things out, have your garbage can beside you and throw those useless papers and files out in the trash, leave only the essential and necessary documents.


5.      Take your time.

Arranging, organizing, and sorting all your things may not take 1 hour to finish. Don't rush through the process, because you might throw out papers that were useful or important. Calm down and take your time. Do not be overwhelmed with the number of documents you have to organize, because this might create problems in the future. Take a few breaks, grab some coffee, or listen to some music while you're arranging and cleaning out your drawers and desks.


6.      Finding a good place.

When everything's ready and sorted out, find a good place to store them in. You can have it on a wall-mounted paper sorter, in a drawer organizer, or even have it in the desk. Pick a place in your office or home where you're comfortable with it. If you need to go through your files every day, select a location where it is convenient and accessible for you to go through any time of the day. If you have files that are to be kept private, get that drawer in an area where it’s not accessible when you have guests or visitors, somewhere that you’re the only one who can gain access to or keep it somewhere you think is safe in your office or home.


It's not easy to find good quality paper and mail sorters that are affordable. Aside from that, it would look nice if your organizer matches well with the room. Some organizers can have dual purposes like a good desk at the top and drawers below. If there is limited space in the room of your office or house, there might be a need to customize the size and design of the paper sorter. 


I’d recommend Charnstrom products for these needs. We've got ready-made products with different designs and colors for you to choose from.


Our products are made for organizing your files and things and are made for your home and office. Offering different kinds of colors from white, silver, black, brown, and many more. Products made from wood, plastic, and steel that will ensure the best quality. Imagine having stored everything, organized neatly, and then have the organizer break. That would mix up all your files in one dump! So you have to go through the process all over again. Quality at a reasonable price is what you'll see in Charnstrom. Different kinds of organizers from desk type, cabinet type, shelf, and wall mountings are available at affordable prices.


Here are the different kinds of sorters we offer:

·       Steel Mail Sorters

·         Wire Sorters

·         CompleteMail Systems

·         WoodSorters

·         Locking Security Sorters

·         Vertical Sorters

·         Horizontal Sorters

·         Open Back or Pass-Thru Sorters

·         Sorter and Table Combination

·         Tote/Tray/Bin Sorters

·         Wall Hung Mail Sorters

·         Desktop Organizers

·         Sorter Risers

·         Literature Organizers


These products come in different sizes and the capacity of the files they can provide. There are some with small pockets, some with many for storing a lot of files or mail. You can choose different kinds according to their use for you.


When you want to have your design custom made for you, head over to our free design assistance and start building your own sorter, starting for two columns down to 6 columns with options of having a table on top and the number of tiers or rows you will need. When you are just browsing, you can head over to their sorter builder, select the options you prefer, and request a quote for it. This can help you get an idea of how much it will cost to build you your desired sorter.

However, if you don’t need to customize one, you can just check out their ready-made sorters and furniture and browse through the full catalog for a lot of options you can choose from.


Aside from offering quality and affordable items, we also provide efficiency with our most popular shelf identification products. For one package, you can get 25 pieces, and you can choose between a velcro label, which is convenient for you to move around because it's removable, so you can easily switch up the tags and the categories if ever you want to move your files. If you think you want them on the same area, already in a fixed location, we also offer labels with cardboard insert and adhesive-backed plastic ID. These labels are made for the long term and create organized labeling for your categories.


So from the heavy-duty kind of sorting, they offer paper sorter shelves or racks since they are big and wide that allows you to add more files in. They also have office and desk type for smaller files and even stand in steel racks for lesser papers and files.


When you have things arranged and appropriately organized, boosting work performance, efficiency in time management, and an increase in productivity will be a result. Another additional bonus is not feeling chaotic when you're looking for a file and not remembering where you last placed it. Paper sorters sure do save you from the headache that being unorganized gives you. Paper sorters allow you to work in a stress-free environment and is also a good investment for you and your office.

When making and designing a mail center, efficiency is key. Use these 7 tips to increase productivity and revenue....
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