• High Density Storage and Sorters 512 - Adjustable Pockets

High Density Storage and Sorters 512 - Adjustable Pockets 

If you need more pockets in a small area...this is the high density system you want. Charnstom high density systems are designed for Universities, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Government facilities when more pockets are needed but floor space is limited. Universities use them for the small packages from Amazon books to gifts from home. Hospitals and pharmacies use them for storing and dispensing drugs. Charnstrom can design a system with shelf widths in 5", 9",11-1/2", 14-12" or vertical shelves. All shelf heights are adjustable in 1/2" increments. Cabinet depths are available in 12-3/4", 15-3/4" and 16-1/2" and cabinet widths in 36", 48", 60" and 72". Using any combination of these cabinets and adjustable shelves will give you the compact system you want.

All Charnstrom sorters are welded steel construction. Aluminum carriages slide between the two stationary cabinets at each end of the high density system. Let us know if you need security for a sorter or complete system. Let Charnstrom design a system that is right for you. More Examples of High Density Mobile Sorters and Apartment Style Lock Boxes Click Here!

•   Sorters or storage units are all steel construction
   Aluminum extruded carriages 
   Shelves are adjustable in 1/2" increments

Overall: 164"W x 48"D Area 55 Sq Ft
2 Stationary Cabinets: 48"W x 15/3/4"D x 64"H 
3 Double Movable Cabinets: 48"W x 15-3/4"D x 64"H 
512 Adjustable Height Pockets: 11-1/2"W x 15-3/4"D

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High Density Storage and Sorters 512 - Adjustable Pockets

  • Part#: HD08
  • $15,089.00

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